Weekly Review – Week Ending 11/22/2013

36degrees F and rain? No problem. No such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing.

36degrees F and rain? No problem. No such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing.

Weekly Time Tracking


Work dominated this week with a 60 hour work week including travel time, but it was an important week of significant accomplishments and time well spent. Establishing expertise in a skill or tool is something that I always find important and rewarding and my experience with CMMI Appraising has provided that exact opportunity. I made overtures this week about getting an opportunity to appraise in a development environment within Raytheon and those inquiries were well received. Still managed to get more than goal sleep which I think is important with the combined stress of long work days and long miles in my marathon training plan.

Top 5

WORK – SLEEP – RUN – EAT – WRITE???  Definitely a surprise to see Discretionary – Writing – Blog so high on the category list, but I suspect it is not because I wrote significantly more but rather the consolidation of time in Work – Sleep – Personal Run that is causing some of the other categories to move up the list. I think the time included the extra effort I put in to the blog analysis post that was inadvertently deleted, so while I have 4.45 hours of writing, I really don’t have the posts to show for it.

Weekly Summary

Blog Posts This Week – Personal (1). Work (0)

Still not writing much. I’ve had a few ideas rolling around my brain but have not put much keyboard time to any of them. Running and Learning has pushed motivation to write, down the list, but I plan on writing some running and technology posts soon.

Accomplishments for this week


– Completed Week 3 of 3 of the Operations SCAMPI B appraisal. This week we were at one of Raytheon’s Dallas locations wrapping things up. Good week. This is my second appraisal and the experience is starting to show with more of the appraisal techniques and CMMI architecture becoming second nature.  My mini-team focused on Measurement & Analysis, Capacity & Availability Management and Organizational Training.

– Learn

– Learn continued to get some love this week but I did not make progress on setting more specific goals with learning. Three learning topics have emerged as the primary topics: Language (German right now), Math (Khan Academy) and Coding (various resources).


– Excited about how things are going with running. Ran 23 miles on The Blues course at an 8:08 pace  which is faster than my current marathon PR pace (8:15) and that was on tired legs. Both of my key workouts went better than planned. I’ve been tracking my weekly average pace of my workouts, sticking to the theory that in order to race faster, you have to train faster. I also track my average heart rate during those runs. My average heart rate has been stable to slightly decreasing but as you can see below my average pace is decreasing. On track to set a new personal record in The Mississippi Blues Marathon in January.

– Social

– Lots of business social networking over supper with members of the CMMI team.

Goals and Plans for next week

– Work

– NONE. Vacation this week. Happy Thanksgiving.

– Learn

– No specific learning goals this week. I’ll probably read a book or two but probably for fun.

– Run

– This week is a back to back high mileage week with last week at 64 and this week planned at 67. The key for me this week is to listen to my body and not get injured. I have intervals, tempo and a long run planned.

– Social

– Vacation week so lots of time at home with the family.