Weekly Review – Week Ending 11/29/2013

Thanksgiving Day Home Improvement Project


Vacation week so no work time goal planned for this week. I got extra sleep but not an excessive amount.

Top 5: Sleep – Family – Watch TV – Run – Read

Yes, it’s a vacation week. Surprised though to see Watch TV so high on the list. Looking back at the time tracking data, I sorted what I watched by time totals. Here is the list:

What I Watched On Vacation

The list is clearly dominated by sports: College and NFL football and College basketball. Watched my Aggies lose badly to LSU in football and then lose badly to Missouri State in basketball. Not a good week for my alma mater. As I am writing this I did hear today that Texas A&M signed the head coach, Kevin Sumlin, to a new 6 year deal which is good news.

Also watched the last two episodes of Betas on Amazon Prime. Irreverently funny geek humor.

Weekly Summary

Blog Posts This Week – Personal (2). Work (0)

My Computer is Slow
Weekly Review – Week Ending 11/22/2013

Accomplishments for this week


– Logged on to the network once to take care of some things that are easier to do on a laptop than on my iPhone.

– Learn

– I have an account a http://www.pearltrees.com and get email updates related to my interests. This week I found a course called A Gentle Introduction to Programming Using Python through a MOOC pearl someone added to Pearltrees. Learning about ShiftEdit, the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) from Google.


– Key workout was a 23 mile long run on The Mississippi Blues Marathon course at an average 8:09 pace. A look at the mile splits in the table below showed that 6 of the last 7 miles were some of the fastest miles of the run. Temps were cool and I managed hydration and calorie intake well. Probably ran this run too fast in retrospect because it made the subsequent training runs a little too challenging. If I can avoid injury and slowly recover, it will be worth the extra strength I gained from this workout.

Mile Splits From 23 Mile Training Run

– Social

– Went to see the move “Frozen” with the family. Very fun movie and fun time. Also got to see some of my younger daughters gymnastics class. Some things I usually don’t get to do when working.
– Reading The Atlantis Gene. Techy, action, adventure fiction. Fun vacation read.

Goals and Plans for next week

– Work

– Short work week this week, working Monday through Wednesday. Have some personal plans on the schedule Thursday and Friday that have been on the calendar for a long time.
– Plan for next phase of business process improvements to position the organization for a CMMI SCAMPI A appraisal in 2014.
– Couple of other large projects spinning up that I need to tag up on and help get started.

– Learn

– Keep working on math skills on Khan Academy, just for fun really. That sounds funny but I am enjoying it.
– Spend some time working with the Python programming language. Anticipating learning a lot about the IDE and compiler tools.

– Run

– Mileage total drops about 5% this week and I plan on racing a 10K next weekend, so some extra rest and recovery after Wednesday will be in order. Key workouts this week include a 21 mile long run and an interval (3 x 800m-600m-600m) workout.

– Social

– Have long weekend activities planned for next weekend.