Samsung Galaxy S is Slow

Is your Samsung Galaxy S slowing down? Not talking about problems with wireless or cellular connections and speed. I’m talking about the software on the phone. The menus on my phone slow down, sometimes so much that the phone is not usable.

I am not writing this post for sophisticated techies. This is aimed at the basic user who wants a simple solution. Not going to attempt to explain why your phone menus slow down because the people that I want to help with this post don’t care and probably would not understand the explanation (no offense) or want to take the time to learn it.

Here are easy steps with photos.

1. Go to the Task Manager on the phone. There are at least three ways to get there.

  • Press and hold the Home button on the bottom of the phone and after a second or so a menu will pop up with recently used apps and a button for Task Manager.
  • Tap the search symbol in the lower right corner of the phone and type “task manager”. You will see the Task Manager show up in the list of returns.
  • Tap the little boxes in the lower left corner of the screen and tap Task Manager.

2. Ok, no matter how you got here, you should see the Task Manager screen which looks something like this:

Samsung Galaxy S Task Manager

Samsung Galaxy S Task Manager

At the top you see four menus options: Active Applications, Downloaded, RAM and Storage. If you are not on the Active Applications tab, then tap it.

2. Now you will see a screen like this showing the applications that are active.

Samsung Galaxy S Active Applications

Samsung Galaxy S Active Applications

You can see the active applications here and can exit them one at a time or tap Exit all to exit all applications. NOTE: If you don’t see any applications running you still need to proceed to the next step. YOU ARE NOT DONE YET.

3. Don’t stop now. There are “programs” and there are “processes”. You just closed programs by exiting apps but there probably are still some processes running the background that may be slowing you down.

Tap the RAM button at the top of the Task Manager screen. You will now see a screen that looks like this.

Samsung Galaxy S RAM

Samsung Galaxy S RAM

This is the RAM Status bar and the RAM manager. Tap Clear memory and even if you previously exited application or even showed no applications running, you will probably see a message pop up that some processes were closed.

That should speed things back up. Just tap the home icon on the phone and see if your software is faster.

You may also want to tap downloaded tab on the Task Manager and delete apps you don’t use. This probably won’t help but just in case there is a program that is written to start some processes, you may save yourself some headaches by just getting rid of software you don’t use.

Good luck. Let me know if you find this helpful.