Top 10 Questions I Thought of While Reading The Age of Context

I first heard about Google Glass on twitter and was immediately intrigued. Right around that same time I started tuning in to Google+ more frequently on my Chromebook. It was not long before I ran across photos and videos that Robert Scoble was posting, not just about Glass but also about this book he was working on with Shel Israel. It was a fun and rewarding experience to watch the book as it was being written, Robert and Shel sharing the experiences as they collected them. It also added a lot of credibility to them as experts on context to be practicing what they were writing about. My favorite pre-book memory: Robert’s interview of Stephen Wolfram at SXSW and the little camera Stephen was wearing.

So I got the kindle version of The Age of Context: Mobile, Sensors, Data and the Future of Privacy and recently read it. When I finished I wrote a 4 star review and tweeted about finishing the book. Then today, I got a question on twitter from @MichaelCayley. He wants to know, “What is the best question you come away with after reading Age of Context?” That is a tough question to answer in 140 characters, so I decided to write this answer instead.

Questions I Thought of While Reading The Age of Context
1. Will I get to experience an “automatic or auto-piloted” car in my lifetime?
2. What are we not thinking of today that will change all of this tomorrow?
3. Who is going to out-Google Google?
4. Can you put a dollar value on being socially connected?
5. What are the lost opportunity costs of not embracing the age of context and how much is that total cost?
6. Do you remember when people at work said, “I’ll never use that email thing (then it was) that internet waste of time (then it was) an instant messenger is for kids “(now it’s) what does social media have to do with work: Will we all be using Glass like devices at work one day?
7. We always look back on generations and think, “How quaint.” Will the age of context make the last 20 years of the internet seem, well, tame, daresay quaint?
8. How quickly will an ubiquitous internet of things get here?
9. Will net neutrality survive this “titanic storm” of data?
10. Will technology finally save education?

I could write another post on the Top 10 Questions about privacy I thought of while reading The Age of Context. How about the Top 10 Apps You Downloaded After Reading About Them In The Age of Context? Or even, the Top 10 Internet of Things Devices You Wish You Had Now?

Ok Glass…this post is done.