Lutalo Kamunye

My daughter Kelsey is on her second trip to Uganda to work at a school in Buloba. Last year they had to commute to the school every day from another city. This year they are staying at a University near Buloba and she is staying longer. She shared some great insights about life in Uganda in this post.

Back to Uganda

Yesterday I was ever so close to hitting the send button to update you all about how we are doing but then poof, the power went out. The place we are living for the next two weeks is run completely by solar power and last night the computer lab was filled with lots of college students who had just finished final exams and were enjoying free time surfing the web, so I’m not surprised that it happened. But now, I am excited to share with you what we have experienced so far!

Here is some Ugandan knowledge for you. There are two seasons here, rainy and dry. Last time I was here Uganda was in the heat of their dry season, which meant bright sunshine and lots of dust, everywhere. This time around, however, we are here during the rainy season, which greeted us on the first night at Patrick’s…

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