Week in Review – May 5 2013

I’m typing this on May 12th, not good when you are reviewing a week that ended seven days ago.  Oh well.  Trying to get in to a regular groove has been difficult.  Probably… Continue reading

What I Ate Last Week

Man it’s a good thing I run. Cholesterol though….ugh! More fruit and veggies, less donuts and bacon. Sadly, how I love bacon….oh and pizza and ice cream….

Week in Review – April 28, 2013

Just a few quick facts about this week: States visited: 2 – TX, CA Country Music Legend Passed Away: George Jones Significant Purchases: Kindle Fire What’s New: Published my first responsive web design… Continue reading

Androids Battle Raring Ringtails

Just watched a video about release of the newest Ubuntu 13.04 distribution known as Raring Ringtail.  I just love the names Cononical comes up with for there software. Fascinating stuff and it’s all… Continue reading

Week in Review – April 21, 2013

This is more like two weeks in review since I had a family emergency last Sunday night which preempted blogging.  Thinking back over one week is not too much of a problem.  Seems… Continue reading

Bad Ubuntu, Bad

Frustration is where I arrive when I have what seems like a common, simple problem to solve and plenty of solutions with people who are saying that it works and the solution still… Continue reading

Week in Review – April 7, 2013

Making the leap.  The leap to non-windows, non-Apple technology. I feel like I am leaping to the future.  I know that it seems crazy and maybe I am wrong.  Apple just feels like… Continue reading

Ender’s Jane

“And with all that vast activity, her unimaginable speed, the breadth and depth of her experience, fully half of the top ten levels of her attention were always, always devoted to what came in… Continue reading

Is Chromebook a Good Choice?

Welcome to my blog. There’s never going to be a right time to start something.  You just start.  I feel like I know just about next to nothing worth sharing on the internet.… Continue reading

Spiral Me

Welcome back to my blog. Sometimes I don’t blog because I want to come up with a pithy title before I start writing the post.  Fail.  I find it easier to just write… Continue reading