How Good A Quitter Am I?

Here is a list of things I have quit in my lifetime and the list is going to keep growing. If you are wondering why I keep a list of things I have quit, I wrote a blog post about quitting here: How Good a Quitter Am I?

The things I have quit more recently are closer to the top. Not including relationships in this list, yet. I’ll cover that in a blog post. What things have you quit and was the outcome of quitting good, bad or neutral?

  1. Emptying trashcans.
  2. Taking garbage can to the curb and retrieve it.
  3. Mowing the lawn. Unless I just want to for the exercise which happens about once a year.
  4. Unloading the dishwasher unless I was the one who loaded and started it.
  5. Putting other peoples stuff away. This includes times when their stuff is sitting in the space I need to use. I just use my forearm like a bulldozer to shove it far enough to clear enough space for me.
  6. Putting my things away that other people borrow and do not put back. Now, I just replace the item with a new one that I keep hidden. No more looking around for the thing I need.
  7. Walking, feeding, watering or bathing the dog.
  8. Home improvement projects, unless it is one I want to do without anyone else’s help. I recently did a bunch of painting and fixture work all on my own.
  9. CAREER: IT Global Quest and National Green Power Company – Last two shots at entrepreneurial endeavors bringing total to four in my relatively short, thirteen year career at that point. A lawsuit and living customer invoice to customer invoice with three kids and a wife was more stress than I could handle.  Result – Good decision.
  10. CAREER: Stanley Steemer – Fantastic chance to learn service business model from the ground up, but the way they treat employees soured me on the opportunity. Result – Good decision
  11. CAREER: Day Trading – This was all the rage in the early 2000’s. I’m not a gambler. Result: Good decision.
  12. CAREER: XeTel – Quit to once again consider entrepreneurial career and get more experience in business management and sales.  Result – Good, but experience but not financially.
  13. CAREER: Brief stint with Amway – I think I put the “brief” in there as a qualifier. Loved the people and the free enterprise concept, but just could not maintain the time investment. Not going to argue about this business concept because the downside of it is not all that different from the downsides of most businesses. In the end the people intensive aspect was not up my alley. Result – Good decision
  14. CAREER: Air Force – Quit after my flight commitment as a navigator was up at almost 7 years, 13 years short of retirement age. Result – Good decision, but sometimes I wonder.
  15. Smokeless tobacco. I used to chew and/or dip. Result: Good decision.
  16. Football – Decided not to pursue this in college, even though small college may have been an option. I was small, but strong, quick, and did I mention nasty competitive. Decided academics needed more attention. Result: Good decision.
  17. Band – I quit after my high school junior year and went back to football.
    Result: Good decision.
  18. Football – I quit after my high school sophomore year and joined the marching band.
    Result: Bad decision. But I made the most of my football season playing cymbals in the marching band.
  19. Band – I quit trumpet after my 8th grade year to play football. I was a tiny, wiry, “to small to play football” kid, with a nasty competitive streak. I was first chair trumpet and mean about it.

    Result: Good decision.