Scams and Attempts to Mislead

If you are like me you get the sense that advertising is not directed at you. As I watch or read advertising, I can’t help but analyze it. Ads that are misleading or logically inconsistent just make me feel uneasy so they get my attention. This is my list of things that I consider scams or things to avoid. This is my opinion. Take it or leave it. If you have questions or want more info about why I have something on this list drop me a line. This is by no means an exhaustive list, just the ones that give me the most angst. I’ll add more over time.

1. 5 Hour Energy – The energy in 5 Hour Energy is caffeine. That’s it. Nothing else, oh and the power of self deception.

2. My Clean PC, PC Cleaner, Speed Up My PC or any other variation of same. – Don’t pay for this because you don’t need to.

3. Weight Loss – Anything that says you can lose weight by any other means than burning more calories than you consume. Consume more than you burn and you will gain weight. Here’s a few of the real doosies.
– Taste Crystals – Ludicrous.
– 3 Minute per Day Exercise – Yeah. Try 30 instead. Save the $200 and buy some $30 walking shoes.
– Wearing certain types of shoes.- No, those curved sole Sketchers or whatever won’t help you burn enough calories to make a difference. Not even worth measuring. Ridiculous.
– Resetting your Metabolism – hCG is a complete scam.
– Anything you swallow that claims to “burn fat”. Ha, ha, ha, ha – too funny.

4. Toxin Flushing or Detoxification – By definition, something is not a toxin, until it is toxic. You have to be sick. Don’t waste money taking things that “flush” things that, if left un-flushed, could accumulate to toxic levels in your body. Before you buy this stuff, just ask one question, “What toxic substance does this flush?” Email me when you get an answer that includes a substance that actually exists in the world and I’ll create a page of flush-able toxins.

5. Organic Food – I know, I know, this is a hard one for everyone to swallow. Pun intended. See toxin flushing above. The entire supposition that organic food is better for you is without basis. It’s feel good mumble jumble and pure capitalism at it’s best.

6. All Natural – This is a marketing term that at worst means absolutely nothing. But it makes people think that it must be a product that if consumed will promote good health. The way it is used to market products is completely bogus and misleading.

7. Emergen-C, Airborne – These products are a complete sham and waste of money. There is no pill or vitamin you can take to “boost” your immune system or prevent a cold or shorten the duration of a cold. All bogus claims. The ONLY things you can do to improve the effectiveness of your immune system are: get enough sleep, eat a balanced diet, exercise, reduce stress. Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer. And no, airplane cabin air does not make you sick.

8. Bullet Proof Coffee – I can’t believe it’s butter, or in this case coffee with cream by another name. MCT (Coconut oil) claims are also wishful thinking. The “extra energy” from coffee with butter and oil is a placebo. Caffeine will temporarily give you a boost. Calories like in butter will reduce your appetite. Volume in your stomach like a big cup of coffee, will make you feel full. Sorry, no magic here, but if you feel like there is, then there is for you. Enjoy the placebo.

9. Gluten Free – 1% of Americans have Celiac Disease which is an immune response to stuff typically called Gluten, so why do more than 1/3 of American’s think Gluten is bad for you? Money! If you find yourself buying “gluten free” but you don’t know why, you have been duped by persistent marketing messages.

10. Bottled Water – Americans do not need to buy bottled water. We have ample clean water straight from the tap in the good old USA. Pick up a bottle of water some time and read who actually owns the bottled water company and realize you have been duped by marketing that is separating you from your money.

More to come…..